Saturday, February 07, 2009

No Further Use

No Further Use Being Frank

Look around, there ain't
No further use being Frank Zappa
Or Frank Sinatra, either.
Or Gabby Hayes or William Boyd,
Or Bobby Dan Shapiro—whoever he is!
As Grateful Dead might say,
Whether the Beatles are dead or not,
What a long strange trip it's been!
(And I ain't won no prizes for it yet,
Champ, and wasn't too pretty, either!)


  1. Strange trip indeed, it's been, and still is, Ron. But as Bill Hicks, said "it's just a ride". ;-)

    I had a dabble in your "Pretty Good" section, and found it pretty good - very good, actually.
    Enjoyed the ones about Bob Dylan, and Blogging, and your friend who told you to get smaller glasses (specs - not drinking glasses!). :-)

    Good stuff! Good writing which I'd aim to emulate, but remain stick with my mainly civil service style English. :-(

  2. Don't confuse me! (Ah, but women love to confuse me!)


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