Monday, February 23, 2009

Blinded By The Light?

On January 18 in the post, HOBGOBLINS, I worried whether I'd ever remember to replace the bulb for my bedroom night light. Praise Gosh, It's just the kind of bulb we all used to use in the "big" Xmas tree strings, though it's not colored, and it fits in the bottom portion of a regular lamp. I finally remembered the other day! I had to buy a package of four of the tiny buggers, but it was less than $3. It's great to have the night-light back. Though I have a lot of flashlights, I no longer need to hunt one up in the middle of the night or to knock over lamps as I grope around blindly--I am a free man again!

After six months or more, I also remembered to buy a small weird bulb for the microwave oven. Now I need not cook (okay, heat) in darkness! Note to myself: 40 watts seems awfully bright, but I couldn't find one that was smaller! Search harder, if there's ever a next time, dummy!

In yet more related piss-ant news about light, I now realize that the pair of Ray-o-vac LED Flashlights that I bought some months ago and have used with frequency are now old enough for me to conclude that they are handy and trustworthy devices! They were five bucks or less each at the Super Wal-Mart store of my choice, the only place I ever shop because I'm a cheap bastard. They have a slightly blueish light, but I would expect to spend more money for perfection. Their claim to last 100 hours seems to at least be near the mark--who ever times these flashlights, anyway?! But if I can pick it up and use one more than a hundred times, I consider that "a long time". That's my testimonial, and I hope my entry into Paradise does not hinge on the accuracy of it.

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