Sunday, February 01, 2009

Old Bloggers Never Die

(They Just Start To Smell That Way)

I don't know how often I get nostalgic--every six months, every two years--about various periods of my blogging over the past six years and the different people who have shuffled through each. There's hardly anyone who's lasted from the beginning since I have always been pretty quick to decide that some people were no longer my cup of tea. Of course, that's not to say that I didn't bore the shit out of some blogger pals and get "dumped" myself!

It would be pointless to name names (or blog names), so I won't. It's just interesting that things have kept changing. There have been so many incarnations of my blog, of my cohabitors on the Internet, that the blog world seems almost more varied than my life--well, thank God that's not quite true.

I never check the details of my counter any more, so it's possible that some of the old blog crowd still check up on me from time to time, but I doubt it. It's odd that I do, though, since I myself have silently gone to some of those sites and looked around--like driving past some old house or neighborhood where you used to live--one barely brakes, just slow down for a glance and keep on going.


  1. Start to smell? My condolences!

  2. I'm amazed how many "ancient" pages are still out there, just hanging in space with nothing more recent than 2007.

    At my age, if someone doesn't blog for 6 months I generally forget who they are, or were, unless it's someone who I linked to when I first started.

  3. I still pass through for a read now and then... haven't been doing much posting on my own blog, but I do like to catch up on my favorites when I can.

  4. Rhodents have their malodorous momemnts, too, don't you know? Hope yours are brief!


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