Friday, June 13, 2008

Study What?

I'm ready to go on to the next subject: my study. I mean this funky room where I seldom pick up the junk and where I'm typing this crap. The place hasn't had a good cleaning since before I got diabetes five years ago. It used to be half of a garage, but was converted many years ago. It was an oversize garage my father built many years before his death with one side for a normal vehicle and the other side large enough to drive his wrecker/tow truck into. It was a spacious garage! So when you picture my study as being roomy, make it Roomy with a capital R!

I filled the study with too much furniture, bookcases, stereo, a sofa, and workbenches for my leather work that I seldom do any more. Perhaps I should take up the leather tools again as hobby rehab exercises, but I worry that I'd cut myself badly or make bad cuts in the expensive leather. Some of those cutting tasks didn't allow for much margin of error, I felt then, and it would be worse now that I'm such a wreck. I'd have to rethink it all and not be so insistent on doing everything the hard way, of cutting all my own belt blanks and other shapes. Then again, sometimes the hard part was packing up all one's finished wares and moving them to some temporary sales location--craft shows, etc. I'm not sure I have enough ass any more to do the necessary. It was a thing I did when young without much worry, but I'm not that guy any more. These days I strain to carry a belly around that's 70 lbs. lighter than it used to be. Whoosh!!!

But back to the subject of my study. It's semi-isolated from the world at large, though there's a phone extension from the number in the house. It's a straight walk down a concrete sidewalk, very smooth but it floods every time it rains and cuts off casual foot traffic between the study and the rest of the world. I take fluid pills, but sometimes my ankles still swell a little bit, so I'm always afraid my feet will get stuck in my old rubber boots, and instead of buying some larger boots, I usually just tie a Wal-Mart bag around each shoe, maybe top it off with a rubber band to keep the bag high! Very effective for a short walk! How do you like my very disposable boots! Wal-Mart bags are so multi-functional, you know.

Well, I can't help labelling this as nostalgia. Even though the subject is current, it makes me nostalgic about the period of time when and before it was built. I had an out of work uncle at the time who worked cheap and did great work building walls and flooring and otherwise doing a total renovation on this structure. Sometimes I helped him, but he and I both knew that I didn't know anything more than what I was told. Fifteen years ago I still had a job and, I felt, my own area of expertise. I can't even imagine these days that I used to work in Pest Control or keep a Safety program going. I used to let it worry me and even work extra hours at it, hours that I couldn't be paid for. I guess I just needed the distraction because I wasn't doing it for anyone else's sake or benefit. I had a "Fuck 'em all" attitude toward my bosses and employer at the same time I was working extra time for free. Just shows that I wasn't ever a very stable person, I guess.

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