Saturday, June 14, 2008

Shiftless In Texas

I can't seize control,
but then I never could.
Paperwork and neverwork keep piling up on me
and I keep looking for fact and figure pages in my mail
or in my disregarded piles already here
that I disregard too soon
and I can't remember where anything is,
then govt. clowns come around and expect me to know
what year and even what month I started this or that job
Or what year and month I ended one of those bad trips,
I guess they call it my work career, but not me--
I call it something else.
You know how rude I am.
Some clerk with a bad accent is asking me over the phone to describe
What essentially would define my disability,
And I would if i could but that would be a success
That no emergency doctor nor any steady doctor has yet done.
You know, I don't know what the fuck to tell a clerk
And I wish he'd die and leave me the hell alone,
I might kill him if he were in my face
and maybe some day he'll make that mistake.
Meanwhile, there's a whole lot of doctors I may kill
If they don't kill me first
By having no idea what I've got,
no matter what examinations they conduct.
They didn't know before I had that $40,000 stroke
And they still don't know, the fuckwads.
Seems like $40,000 would be enough to've bought lunch for God
But if it bought any doctors, they haven't stayed bought,
They want me to pay and pay or stay away.
I make appointments night and day, it seems...
The kindliest patient I can find within me
Hopes that every doctor in America dies
Of anything painful and that eats their soul out slowly.
Dr. Kildare, Dr. Wellby, that's just pretentious TV crap--
I think that Puff the Dragon has probably cured more ills.


  1. I agree totally. I've never understood why Americans hate lawyers and admire doctors.
    No one ever died as a result of lack of legal assistance.

  2. The doctor gets you when you're born,

    The preacher when you marry,

    And the lawyer lurks with costly clerks,

    If too much on you carry,

    Professional men they have no cares,

    Whatever happens, they get theirs.

    OGDEN NASH :-)


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