Thursday, June 19, 2008

How I Shine

(A Heartfelt Poem, But Short)

You could always pull it off
Or pull it out of a box,
And end up looking good in pink or purple,
In fine or sheer or cotton or fuzzy blouses,
In any old skirt with bells on or glitter attached
Or with tattered fringe or small red bows
Reminding me of Joni Mitchell
In all her colorful costumes and paints,
But you were better every way every day
Because you kept me alive inside.
I could speak to you even when you’re not there,
You were always in my mind.
I guess you still are, even now,
Though decades and distance intervene
And we are always only conversationalists now.
And, like those old self-portraits of Joni on her covers,
You carry your beauty with you everywhere without effort.
I guess the real stuff shines right through us from inside,
No matter how we’ve changed…

Even if it were not true, I would wish it so.
I would not let it halt.

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