Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Double-crossed or Just Crossed Out?

I'm still no damn good, only worse. I still have the most cruel and treacherous thoughts about even the best of you, though I often fail in the execution. Whether you should congratulate me or I should congratulate you, I don't know. It's your good luck, I guess--myself, I don't seem to have any.

I keep forgetting to say that I bought a Wahl hair clipper and went at my own hair with little to no skill and without prejudice. That was last Friday. I meant to cut it shorter than my previous store-bought haircut, but I cut it even shorter than I'd intended. At least I had not scalped or gouged myself or spelled out "Satan" with the bare flesh. Maybe next time I'll really screw it up--never can tell. Guess I've decided to go for that "convict" look. Or else have been too much influenced by Mushy lately. He's about the only one who's continued to run his mouth lately, so whatever there is that's NOT a vacuum will fill that vacuum, I guess. Might as well be him or you or anyone as for it to just be more of goddamn me.


  1. Well, Ron, I commented on several occasions and my comments weren't
    published, so I gathered that you didn't wish to receive 'em any more - I'm good at taking a hint

    Sorry if I misinterpreted, and am pleased you are at least well enough to blog again.

  2. You could be influenced by worse people I suppose.

    It's very liberating...getting rid of one's flowing locks and tossing "Cookie's" comb into the trash.

    It's kind of like getting ahead of the curve...the curve around which you either find baldness or the chemo look.

  3. Twilight, maybe you have bad memory, certainly I do. I don't recall any for which you should be punished, but some days I can't remember if I took my pills or used my eye drops.

  4. Mushy, it's GOT to be wrong if I'm being influened by bald guys or cancer patients!!! It's written in my family Bible like that, somewhere...

  5. I'd be a little scared if you accidentally spelled out Satan. I'm seriously considering shaving my head since I can't seem to get a decent haircut.


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