Saturday, June 21, 2008

Lost Bloggers, Lost Regrets

Not only have I lost most of my own degree of "cute", it seems to have faded largely in other bloggers, too. I was just reviewing most of my Bloglines list, some of which had 20, 30, 40, or 50 posts that I had not read recently! I never used to let that happen. How'd I ever let them pile up that much? Okay, how'd all those people pile them up?! They shouldn't have done it! Maybe I wasn't an innocent bystander, but I was at least a Hapless one! Or maybe I'm just that Old Man I used to beware of, the kind that falls asleep in front of the TV or in front of the monitor. I guess that's not a very good excuse, but at this rate, I'd better hire someone full-time to come up with better excuses for my old ass because I'm not catching up! I read two or three of each blog's most recent posts and then had to just blow past the rest like I was some pushy 18-wheeler passing an old Ford Escort.

I think I have now gone through (gone past, worn out) as many people on the Internet as I have known and forgotten in my whole life before it. It's nothing to brag of, but I'm not sure I have enough time left now to bellyache much about it. I wish I were more loyal, but it doesn't appear that that will happen. I don't usually get mad and quit anyone's blog, I just get tired and flake out on people. I might show up again some day, and so might they—but we will be in a different place and in a different light. It was the motion and the light, of course, not the places, that first attracted us all, so why feel worse than regretful? It won't carry us very far.

I'm a vampire and I need new blood.


  1. Honey, you and I are both sorry I signed up for this Blog365 thing!

  2. Is that where you went? I thought it was just me losing the usual nickels and keys down the sofa Beast!

  3. I go on streaks where I don't read anyone's blog but my own and other times I'm out there reading not only the ones I already like but surfing looking for new ones.

    I've made so many friends online the last several years but the friendships never last longer than a year or two. One of us always drifts away.

  4. Some of my online friendshop have lasted longer than a year or two, but none longer than five or six, and those of course don't burn as brightly as they once did. Sometimes real life is better than that, but not always. Most of the time on the Internet, we have such a hard time even achieving any brevity, yet it pains us when others go away. It pains me when I go away, but I can't prove it--even video tears could be because I stubbed my toe!


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