Monday, June 23, 2008

Another National Nightmare

George Carlin is dead and George Bush hasn't even been impeached! What kind of justice is that? I blame the democrats for both because I never expected Republicans to do any good for the country, but the Democrats pretended they would. I no longer care who wins the Presidency. It'll be Tweedle-dee or it'll be Tweedle-dum.


  1. Agreed 100%

    Carlin is such a great, great loss,
    there'll never be another like him.

    If the choice of president remains as is at present, it'll be not much choice at all. I'll be holding my nose as I cast my first ever vote, either way!

  2. You mean Tweedledum and Tweedledummer.

    Carlin got bitter in his old age but his comments were always on target.

  3. Carlin got bitter because none of those he griped about ever got better. It's that simple, I fear. He didn't die of it, I don't expect, and that's a very small good thing.


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