Thursday, May 01, 2008

Incidental Damage From The Stroke

Comic Sidebar

One of the incidentals of my stroke was a comic one (so it turns out), though it has kept me pissed off for 10 days or so. After I returned home from the hospital and the rehab, it took a day or so before I noticed that the small remote control for my bedroom stereo (radio/cd player) was missing. I began to think it had fallen through one of those rabbit holes that they keep in Alice's wonderland while I was falling down or pawing around on the floor after my stroke. Unable to get my ass down on the floor for a really good look, I've supposed that it was under the bed or some other piece of furniture in the bedroom. Every day I thought about it, searching a little each time. I was saving the big dresser for last because it was so damn heavy--even if I unloaded the drawers, it was going to seem heavy to me! I didn't want to attempt that task without co-workers! But this morning, all became clear.

I hadn't worn my silver-grey sneakers since coming home and as soon as I got them on my feet and tried to stand, something was hurting my left foot. Was it a rock, a sharp object, or just a double crease in my sock? With neuropathy, one's feet do not lack all feeling, but neither are they "sensitive". Anyway, I didn't guess until I pulled the shoe off that I'd been standing on top of that prized but missing remote control! Well, it was nice to find it, but unpleasant to find I'd just been standing on it! I felt like a triple ass! I wondered if I'd broken it, but apparently not. I wonder how many things world-wide have disappeared, seemingly forever, into a seldom-worn old pair of shoes? The next time you need to play Sherlock Holmes in your bedroom, keep it in mind! The next time I'm wondering what "hole" something could have fallen into, I'm going to recall the "hole" in that goddamn shoe!

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