Saturday, May 03, 2008

All Reporters are Twerps

Why Not Kill One?

What fuckheads all these reporters and interviewers of the famous are--they all conclude these days that the most important thing about any famous-person interview is the part when they (the dumb fucking unfamous interviewers) show that they think the best part of any interview is when they (the interviewer) begin responding, pontificating, or interpreting. They talk while Presidential candidates are shown in the background picking their teeth. Worse than that, they show themselves picking teeth while the candidates are shown in the background still clearly speaking! It's obvious that TV people think the best part is when they (the chuckleheads) steal the air time. What goddamn fucking fools they all are, and they will not stop it, while alive. So let's kill one, dammit!

You hear me, Charlie Rose? You hear me, CNN twerps?! I don't care if wolverines eat your babies, but here you come again like God's gift to America and I wonder, why will no one being interviewed ever just pull out a pistol and shoot this ignoramus lamebrain Larry King?! Maybe just bust his kneecaps real bad with a bullet each? It's not as if it would be WRONG to do it, you know!!!

It would be one of the most moral televised murders in the history of the world. I would certainly enjoy seeing it!


  1. Glad to know you are doing reasonably well. What a pain to deal with... did you enjoy the young nurses? I would have thought you'd have had some x-rated comments about them... not getting soft are you?

  2. Hear hear! I wouldn't even dignify them with the title reporter, though, Ron. They don't report anything anymore. They spin, and project themselves.

    As it happens, I find old Larry King to be one of the least offensive - but that's not saying much!

  3. I might have expected someone to offer up a comment about me having no nasty remarks, but I'm surprised to see that it's Rhodent. One never knows...

    And I see that Twilight and I are on the same page (almost). Nothing can make Larry Kind tolerable to me, but the list of offenders is very long behind him.


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