Friday, May 16, 2008

I Have A Car-wreck In My Back!

Today I shovelled some dirt and ash out out of the wheelbarrow, the purpose being that I needed the wheelbarrow for picking up tree limbs and branches. But the first part, shovelling the dirt and all into garbage bags wore me out completely> Now I don't care any more. I had to quit and forget abut the tree debris. My energy level is SO low and my endurance just as bad. I feel beat-up by very little these days. (That was a few days ago.)

A couple of days later, the sticks got burned. Now all is ash and I'm back to where I started, if I want to see it that way. Too bad one can't burn up the ash! Could I wash it down the drain? It's probably illegal. So is murder, but I'd be glad to kill somebody for just a tiny bit more comfort! Meanwhile I still have a car-wreck in my back. Why does everything have to hurt so bad?

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