Monday, February 11, 2008

Shelfari, Tarzan?

There's No Jane, Either!

Introducing Shelfari in the sidebar, pretty far down the list. (There's a bookmark for it listed at the almost-top of the sidebar.) In my list, ir shows books in order that I recently listed them in Shelfari, not in the order that I recently read them. Once in a while, I'll list the book I've most recently finished. But if three others pop into my head, you're likely to see them. If anyone's really curious, you can keep clicking next to see more books.

To see my whole "shelf", go to this dump.


  1. Damn...I doubt I could fill one shelf Ron. Commendable.

  2. But you get to pile on all the books you ever read! That way, no one knows which ones you read last (or when). All we can tell is which ones you added recently. Even in my case, that's ALL the books I listed at all. Some people stretch it and list all the comic books or children's books they ever read--maybe I'm a snot (did I say snob?), but I can't go that far. Some people list the Bible, and though that may be commendable, er uh who hasn't read it?

  3. Nice find. I made my own shelf and was amazed at how many books I've actually read. Granted the majority of them are Stephen King (and I'm not halfway through the listings for him yet) but it's a start.


  4. Steal some of my titles. Start with the ones I gave five stars. On the other hand, there's nothing I'd recommend more often than the John D. McDonald books, which I only gave 3 stars to because no matter how much fun they are to read, they're still sort of Trash, and I like literature better!

    Stephen King is probably that sort of trash, but I've never read anything other than Carrie.


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