Thursday, February 07, 2008

Ellen Foley

Don'tcha just love the singer Ellen Foley? Many might remember her as the skinny prosecuting attorney on TV's Night Court. So she's an actress, too, though I'm not sure she's even had any roles since that year or so of Night Court. Anyway, I admire her music more--not to mention her skinny good looks! (Oops--I just Googled images of her and found some fat photos of her. At least, it looks fat on her, though maybe it's just the contrast!) Nobody stays the same. Guess I was ignoring that 25 years passed by while I was screwing around and savoring my memories more than my life.

I'm not even sure she still records.

Check out these YouTubes:
We Belong To The Night or,
Shuttered Palace (God knows what it means!)


  1. I hadn't heard of ellen Foley, Ron - like the videos though.

    She immediately reminded me (looks not voice) of Marianne Faithful. are you old enough to remember Marianne?

    Video here

  2. Sure, I listen to Marianne Faithful all the time on Pandora Internet radio. I like almost all of it, from pop songs to folk songs to rock songs. I'll listen to her video you sent as soon as I can get some sleep (it's down there somewhere trying to chew my ankles off!).

  3. Markie Post is the only female, besides Selma Diamond that I remember from that show.

    She was hot at one time I'm sure, but probably didn't have the hooters Markie had or I would have remembered her!

  4. "Skinny" is often the opposite of voluptuous (which is Markie Post's big talent). If you view those old videos, you may or may not find her hot, but I did.

  5. P.S. Ashamed to say, I remember at least three different female prosecutors on that show. Apparently, Dan Fielding required new fodder to abuse pretty often. I don't remember who was first, second, third.

  6. Actually... Took a while to realize I was saying "prosecutor" when I meant the "public defender"! Old age and weak mind will show every time!


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