Monday, February 04, 2008

Renewing My Texas Driver's License

I came late to all my computer and/or Internet connections, so it is that I just finished my first Online renewal of my Texas Driver's License. I'm not sure if Texas was doing this before, but it's the first time it came to my attention. These things always make me nervous, though; this is probably only the fourth or fifth thing I've ever paid for online and I think I still suffer from My Father's Trepidation about this new-fangled process of blindly giving your Visa card number to some unseen stranger on the Internet. Oh, well, this time it's The State--so surely, that's no stranger! Their nose has been in my business for ages! Of course, there's nothing to keep The State from charging me 3 or 4 times, so I fail to see the safety in that. There is no safety anywhere. Somebody said that. It was probably me. I think it's funny, though, that the Gatehouse Supplies Company that I charged money to the other day seemed more demanding that The State of Texas! Of course, the supply company can't cut off your oxygen quite the way that Texas can. Most of us can't live without SOME degree of driving! We don't really need fucking stupid charge cards, but we really need the damn car to spend some of our money, whether it's cash or plastic! I may charge plenty at Wal*Mart, but they sure don't deliver.


  1. Hey! Go to Wal-Mart online. They deliver.

    I was so happy last year to do my first online renewal. It used my picture from before, so it's official that I don't age. Good system.

    Twice, I've done the vehicle registration online. I like that service, too. Now that I can do stuff like this as well as banking/checking online, I am allergic to stamps.

  2. All I could see is where walmart delivers from one site to the store for free. No word about delivery.

    If we could have (real) sex online, you and I could go at it online, possibly producing the first-ever rabratcricket progeny anywhere!

  3. "go at it like rabbits", I meant!

  4. I think I am getting shriveled up, it's been so long!

    At Xmas, I had some Wal-Mart delivered to my house. I opted out of the store delivery, figuring you probably get your stuff at customer service and there are always a dozen people waiting in non-holiday times.

  5. Cricket: but if you lose weight or make some other improvement (hair color, straighten your nose?), you don't get credit for that, either!

  6. Hie, Haslina! Welcome to Insanity.


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