Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Little Lack of Help from Google Adsense

No Daddy Around When You Need One

I guess I need a "personal adult" to take care of all my messes around here.

One thing I didn't mention in my previous post about the help I give to strangers is that I never make any money off it. It's not that I'm so good or so altruistic. The reason for it is simply that I've tried, but found Google's Adsense as frustrating as many newbies find those parts of Blogger that I advise them about--in short, the corporate master is completely obtuse and if you can't GUESS it, they won't tell you. Bastards all! So I have tried to put the Adsense system on my MFBQ site, and sometimes almost succeeded, but they keep pushing me back. It's now all so long ago that I don't remember any damn password or key or love offering that the certified Idiots would be tempted by. I even tried signing up again, but they know you have an account, so they just make it impossible. Okay, I'm an idiot, I should do penance, yes, but why is there NO PRICE I CAN PAY to get out of purgatory? I can't get through to Adsense, nor is there anywhere that you can go begging except to God himself, for you need to remember your password to even ask help of the Adsense Help Group on Google! I think I'm one of a few million insignificant shits who just dirty the living room floor and foul the air and who just don't get it about Adsense while the Blogger/Google megacorp are raking in the corporate graft with billions more people! After the revolution, sign me up for the fire bombings of all their stony buildings and all their stony faces!

I wouldn't piss on the Adsense portion of Google if they were on fire. I might piss on them while they were trying to eat or sleep, though! But I'm getting carried away, I guess. Why is there no equable Daddy to take care of these things!

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