Sunday, February 10, 2008

Health and Happiness

Bloop Me All Night Long

What? Only 2 emails today? I need more! No Blogger questions to answer? Christ, neither loved nor needed! No one beating on my door so they can offer to fuck my brains out (anything's acceptable, though I hope you're a woman or at least human). My brains are pretty much damaged already, so you probably couldn't do much more harm... Ah, but some of you are still very pretty, aren't you--thank God for that. How do you do that, I wonder? Maybe it's makeup. Maybe because you stopped eating all that infected chicken or all that intended-for-Alpo horsemeat or maybe you just increased your B12 shots!


  1. Air.
    Air makes me beautiful.
    Pure and simple.

  2. You must mean air on the outside, right? The other kind tends to do me harm.

  3. Yes, I was talking about skin and radiance.

    And completely BSing.

  4. You know what I say about Time: Except for raising children, there's nothing you can do with it but waste it. Fortuitously, I have no children, so I can waste plenty of it.


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