Thursday, February 28, 2008

Politics Is Poopadoodle

Has Been, Will Be

I read or hear so much incomprehensible bullshit from the Presidential candidates and their electioneering organizations, yet I'm not sure that I've heard anything BUT shit. All of them are guilty politicians of the first water, opportunists in every moment of their lives. I wouldn't trust any of them to be able to dig a six-foot hole, though I can guess what they'd do if they finished digging--they'd expect you and me to jump into it and let them kick dirt in over us. Maybe Ralph Nader wouldn't, but he hasn't got a chance to win. They all talk a good talk, but none of them are really prepared to smack down all or even very many of the evils of American government or relieve even some of the evils of big business. Politics is just trying to get your own way over the other guy without having to kill him. That IS worth something, but it's not worth all that we proclaim.

None of these shitholes (politicians, remember?!) know how to be polite, how to stay on point, how to not shoot to kill, how to refrain from "mocking" their opponent. They don't even believe one another to be human. I'd be glad if they all died, except that we'd then lose half the planet in one instant. Then, later, no matter how we intended otherwise, others would slowly de-evolve into the same rapacious Me-Me-Me sorry fuckers! If you think that I don't think very clearly, it's probably because there are too many politicians currently making too much noise and fouling the air that you breathe. So choke on it!


  1. I'd flip a coin if I had a 3-sided for just stay home!

  2. And so it goes...

    What happened to my other readers? Did I carelessly kill them all off?

    Things happen.

  3. I suppose they're giving you Hell down in Texas just now? Never mind, after the primary tomorrow you can all go back to sleep until November. ;-)

  4. Hi, Ron, I'm cruising around to get caught up with acquaintances.

    My blog is mainly political, and therefore the aroma sometimes gets so heavy that I have to post a music video or an obituary instead.

    The problem with politics is that however much its discourse resembles a bowel movement, one ignores it at one's own peril. These are the assholes who are making a lot of life decisions for us, far removed from our power to influence them as atomized individuals. One can only hope to be part of an effective bloc.

    Oh, well, bugger it ...

  5. Now you're speaking my language-- except that I'm not so polite!


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