Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Sneaky Feature

I followed some good instructions from another how-to site and carried them out pretty accurately so that now I have a tiny signature (my initials) in place of my "posted by" name. It's a graphic, or image, or whatever. For some reason now, the 3 little pigs (I mean, letters) refuse to rest in the same plane as the text, as if the text signature were still there invisibly occupying space. So the initials can't fully come to rest! I wonder why that is? I wonder even more if it is changeable? There's one or two bright bulbs out there who read me on occasion and who might know about this, if I'm lucky enough to get read this week! I'd like to fix it, but if I can't, I'll find something else to twitter and worry about. As soon as I'm through being tired about this, I intend to go back and erase/add some pixels and fix up the "s" in the initials. I think I doctored that "s" one time too many and need to reverse what I did! Until then, some of you probably won't even notice it. And some of you will probably think, "That's not how you spell Elmer Fudd, is it?!" And you may be right.


  1. I'm technically challenged on every front, so it's useless looking to me. Good luck - knowing you, you'll soon figure it through on your own, anyway..

  2. Er, bla, bla, blab, I ain't so sure about that! Maybe it'll just bother me less as time goes by? Yeah, that's the ticket! Like a cat who falls on his ass: Why, I MEANT to do that, you stupid human!


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