Saturday, October 27, 2007

Manly Man And His Pocket Knife

Whatever. I've been too put off to do very much of consequence, so I guess I could talk about the things I already did and forgot to mention until now. I got some of my medications in the mail that I was nearly out of, and that saved me from who knows what? Probably not anything very serious, since I've run out a couple of times this year and nothing seemed to go haywire. Still, I try to keep up.

I went to Wal*Mart and bought me a dirt-cheap shiny new Winchester pocket knife with a single locking blade. I like locking blades and don't understand how I ever worked with the other kind without cutting myself. I did, but it seems a miracle to me now. I don't think I have as much strength and dexterity as I used to have. That's probably the real trouble. Anyway, the knife has a bone (probably fake) handle. Somewhere on the tiny box it said "Stag", so I guess that's what is or what it's supposed to be. At that price, I just presume fake. I've lost other pocket knives, some of them precious, so this one being cheap is a sort of defense against my own clumsiness and forgetfulness. If I lose it, I won't care much. I can just go buy another one. Meanwhile, though, it is pretty and shiny! But it is a weapon; one gets the impulse to go stab a rabbit or something! Maybe a "Bad Guy", as my 3-year-old nephew would say. One has to resist those juvenile (and worse!) instincts when it comes to weapons. Men are such boys, and boys are such wild animals, really. I see it in my nephew all the time. He likes Sponge Bob and Barney the Dinosaur and other sweet things, but he also turns everything he sees or touches into a gun or a sword or a "light saber"--he loves the latter! Of his aggressive super-heroes, I guess Buzz Lightyear might be the kindest. But I plan to hide on Halloween when John is supposed to dress as Buzz--I don't want to get "to infinity and beyond"ed to death! A 3 year old can pack a wallop if he runs into you just right, you know?

I also went shopping at Goodwill on one of their sale days. All the shirts have a colored plastic tag and certain colors were only 50 cents each. Not all of them being a large and not all of them having the right color tag, I had to give up on quite a few shirts that I fell in love with. But I finally got out of there with various shirts that appealed to me--mainly some flower shirts with Big, Bigger, and Biggest flowers on them. Very pretty. I also bought a long-sleeve pink shirt for the regular price of $3.99 because I couldn't resist it after having initially mistaken its orange tag as being pink. When I found it wasn't one of the sale shirts, I started to put it back, but couldn't. I've been stalking stores for a decent pink shirt for a long time, whether it should be a shirt with a prominent pink mixed into other colors or what--it was all okay with me. So I finally found one. As soon as I can locate a sock or two to enhance my manly crotch, I can wear it. Would a Manly Man be afraid to wear a pink shirt? I should say Not!

I bought some birdseed (sunflower seeds), but it appears to already be the wrong time of year. They've eaten some slowly, but I barely ever see them. If they're gone, that's okay. There's always a few birds who come around during the fall and winter, regardless of weather. I'll feed their lazy asses!


  1. I like pocket knife.
    I use it when go mushrooming.

  2. Sometimes I love them. Sometimes I forget all about them and lose them. Maybe that's what I do with women, I'm not sure.

  3. Well you haven't lost me yet, I'm like a boomerang, so there! Hubby likes really bright flowery shirts too, it's a family joke. I don't mind, I wear them more than he does.

  4. Of course you do, Shrink, you're a gurl! They always wear flowers (and sensuous fabrics). All us he-men get to wear old dull stripes on shit-dipped burlap if we're lucky.

  5. I have quite a collection of pocket knives, nothing collectible, but I pick them up at garage sales and such. I am partial to Leatherman's or Schrades because of all the tools they come with. What I really love are the Old Timers that are made from carbon steel. Yeah, they rust but man do they hold an edge that stainless can only dream about. Glad you found a great knife! As for pink shirts... nope!

  6. Never owned any of the multi-tool knives. I did own several Old Timers--one model I bought two of because I lost the first one under the hood of a car after opening a can of oil there. Idiot! When I bought the same model knife, it cost more and the first time I tried to open a can of oil, the blade broke! The old one never broke--it just couldn't keep an idiot like me from losing it! As noted, I've also lost other precious knives, one that I carried for a long time, another that I'd bought my father and he DIDN'T do one of those "Dad" things and never get around to using it! He used it! A nice 3 bladed knife that stupid me proceeded to lose, God knows where, maybe as I gotin and out of my car in a parking lot.

    The great Knife God does not watch over us, I fear.

  7. Yeah, those old time rusty blades! They used to be terrific. Ate pizza and gouged metal cans with them!


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