Monday, October 01, 2007

Huff And Puff

I keep thinking I'll get some exercise, even if the most minimal, and that's about all I've done so far. A few days ago I found my old elastic band that came with my stair-stepper years ago. I can't use the stepper with my bad sense of balance (combined with insensitive feet due to neuropathy), but I've been practicing "lifts" with the band; I have no idea what to call them. If I keep it up, maybe I'll discover the names on the Internet. About 5 minutes of lifts 3 times a day, nothing the least bit extreme. But maybe it'll get easier. After all this, either I can punch someone in the face or just hit them in the knee with my cane. I hope I knock them unconscious, though, since I'm never too stable on my feet any more!


  1. Seems to be a lot of that neuropathy thing going around these days. I've heard that 3 times this week.

  2. I think there's neuropathy of different parts of the body and I have no idea which is worse. I wouldn't want anybody except George Bush to have it anywhere!

  3. Work out, it could be good for you.

  4. I had to look up "neuropathy" on Google.

    Sorry to read of your difficulties, Ron.

    Yes exercise, mild, will probably lift the spirits if nothing else. ;-)

    We got a tradmill a few weeks ago.
    It's so boring though - still - gotta keep at it, little by little.

  5. I don't mind boring. Boring is all around me; it smooches my ass and bites off my head. I do mind when everything is such a damned effort!


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