Thursday, October 04, 2007

I Have Fallen

I have fallen off the tree limb
Or maybe I was pushed or else
Intentionally slipped the bonds of earth…
Now I've turned my face into the flames
And grown resentful inside out in
The blurred and charring embers of your face
And tiresome in my own cold and moldy embrace,
Biding all my time out here
With my new tight pants on fire
And all my old clothes on ice.
Can anything be more absurd,
Can anyone fall quite this high imprisoned again
Or ever fly this low at the top of a prosperous sky?

I am waiting, and have been weighing everything,
But it’s been going up and down
And down and up
And there is no conclusion to reach.
I’ve been starkly rushing forward,
A dog without connection, yet means to bite,
Who barks his way up that tree and down again,
Just barks and chews the bark
And listens for the desolation
And all the style that stinks.


  1. Very good.

    As soon as I started reading, I felt powerful deja vu. I have dreams with symbolism of similar frustration sometimes. On rare occasion, I can become lucid enough to be aware it is a dream, and am able to put the dream on a more positive track before waking. At least the dreams are still fairly rare, or I just don't remember them.

    Bah, anxiety dreams. Unless they give clues to a realistic solution.

  2. Oh blimey, had a bad day then? (wink)

    Powerful stuff Ron, but sooo bleak, it makes me sad. I suppose that proves you are a good writer, to affect the mood of those who read it. Hope all is well with you, hon. x

  3. I completely agree, yet I'm not sure why. But the verse rings true.

  4. Doubtless I am a depressive, disgusting, and damaged mentality. My poems lately have been more nearly exercises, practicing both stream of consciousness (un) and various aspects of sound. This and others have not yet been fully polished to anything above "amateur" status, though I guess that could happen. Poets are always revising, even more than other writers. If so, I'll revise them on-line. But we'll see. The poems at my poetry site, "Judy Garland's Blues" are very much revised (many times) and no longer amateurish (I hope).

    I have one poem not so dissimilar that I've been holding back, thinking I'll be able to polish it to another level, but time will tell.


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