Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Toy Death

Why is it that American kids are valued so much less than the American toy industry's right to butt-fuck everybody left and right? I imagine any senator or representative could explain this easily, as long as you didn't videotape him saying it. We never really seem to have the ratbastards' attention.

I think if the next time Mattel has a defective toy recalled the American government would just execute the top executive of Mattel AND their closest political crony, we'd get their attention.

Maybe we could nuke a Chinese toy factory or two.

As long as the toy industry and China are in favor of death for innocent children, I'd like for my government to be in favor of death for the guilty.


  1. Recalls galore. I wonder if vendors really know the source of half their products.

    Kids toys, what a nightmare! Additionally, the Japanese gave away and are now recalling free coffee mugs that were made in China, manufactured with high levels of lead (probably in the glaze). When we pick up mugs at Cafe Press or at the drug store, or fancy place like Bloomingdales, do we know who made them?

    Petsmart and Walmart and other places are _still_ selling poisoned pet foods. :(

  2. Maybe because Mattel has been a crony of the government since the days of Vietnam. Those machines make other "toys" if you know what I mean.

  3. The Chinese don't have to nuke us. They're turning our own corporate greed against us - they're putting antifreeze in our toothpaste, killing our pets with wheat gluten and retarding our children with lead paint. And they're getting rich in the process.

  4. I wish I could accuse you of being crazy, but I guess we all are. Jerks rise up in history and assassinate Abraham Lincoln and other good men, why can't someone get pissed off at the Matell CEO's?


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