Monday, September 10, 2007

Spinning Out Of Control

This is me, this is how handsome I am. This is a blog where I just push a button or two and then I come through. It goes in here and it comes out there. Some of you may wish it had video and sound, but we already have TV, so I am not tempted. If I were broadcasting myself live, I would cuss more, not less, a thing that in many cases gets in the way of communication. Some of my audience would drop their jaws and drop me like a snake, I'm pretty sure. Why not, after all--no one can see them do it!

Sometimes I recall a few of the many bloggers who I dropped--who have gone away or fallen by the side of the road. I couldn't remember them all, though I may have had a great deal of conversation with them. I've backed out of blogs hundreds of times that had initially been very appealing. Sometimes I backpedal after six minutes, sometimes six months. When I first started blogging, I dropped one woman because she was inanely patriotic about George Bush, who had only just began to skunk the country then. Bush is worse now; I'm not sure about the woman, having already forgotten her url! I doubt she's a peacenik yet, but all things are possible.

The number of others (men and women) I've also dropped like hot potatoes can barely be reckoned. I think I did a post a couple of years ago about bloggers who had dropped off the map (and off my blogroll). I now realize such sites have become too numerous to list. I am probably too demanding. But there's always lots more blogs to fall in love with (however briefly!).


  1. I'm here for 2 months and I "evolve" almost every week.
    I know, there are many good bloggers around but where exactly?! And how can I find them?!

    At the other hand, I make some unwilling 'friendships' and dunno how to lose them, LoL!

  2. You must have been blogging for a long time - maybe you were one of the first, one of the the avant garde?

    I've only been in blogland for around a year, my previous cyber incarnation was on message boards or ICQ (there are a few memories I'd rather!)

  3. You are a hard man to please. Lucky for you some of us don't scare off that easily.

  4. Calista: eventually, not always, you must just be tough, kick your legs, and shake those gnawing puppies loose!

  5. Twilight: I've been at it for about 5 years, but there were others here when I started who were already "well-seated"!

    Mushy: how vewy, vewy twue!


  6. You don't scare me.

    Nyah nyah!

  7. Of course not; you're a big girl now! But some of these others may be shaking in their boots that they will be disliked or dismissed! (I know I always was, at the beginning!) I used to apologize for my presumptions instead of just insulting people at will...

  8. People just can't understand the fact that some parts of the internet are like a Biker Bar! If the kitchen's too hot, let someone else cook. haha

    Speaking of cooking, I still get a huge kick out of Porno Pizza

    To bad they're located in Canada and not down the street! Could be fun! :)

  9. I'm thrilled I am still on the roll. Always good to come in and check on how the Rat Squeaks

  10. And I still remember that ONE piece of wisdom I got from YOU. Forgot the exact wording, but it went something like this: "It's the Internet! You're here until you're no longer wanted, or needed, and then you're gone! There's nothing personal about this blogging!"

    No, it's more of a "para-phrase", I guess! But you are, and/or were, correct! With a single click of the mouse, anyone can be erased, and you can be none the worse for wear.

    Just when I think I've got it down pat, along comes ANOTHER lesson! And so I learn it, too! We LIVE to learn, don't we?

  11. I said that? Okay, sounds feasible. Life is hell, then we die. I also said that!

  12. Yeah, I know---but I slept through that part of class!(I copied the answer off Mushys' paper, but it didn't do any good---hell, HE flunked, too...!)


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