Friday, September 07, 2007


There's only a handful of you who have subscribed so far via the new Google Group box in my sidebar. I wonder if any of you few are getting the damn notifications? If you are, let me know. Some of you know how uninformative it can be on the Internet... I am whistling lame tunes and twiddling thumbs even as I inveigle for more feedback!


  1. I just went to check out the google group for this blog. See this for example.

    I like your blog format and its template better than email alerts or a web forum - more efficient for me.

    Okay, I gave feedback! You can stop twiddling your thumbs! :)

  2. I do other things with my thumbs, but we won't talk about that!

    Meanwhile, thanks!

  3. I've gotten really behind on blogging addons, but since you brought up the email alert issue, I discovered one I liked which is with feedburner.

    To test it, I subscribed a test address then edited and re-edited some new postings. One I edited about 10 times! (it was about a friend's dog site and she was editing her site on the fly to, lol). Then I edited several much older posts.

    The next morning, I only got one alert for the newest post (good, that makes me not look as crazy as I actually am!). The older posts (from a year or more ago) I edited by adding links and maps, I didn't change their links/dates/urls, so I didn't get notified of them as a new post. Great! I like that. If the updates had been important enough, then a separate posting could be made. So this works for me.

    If one doesn't like feedburner, then of course it's not an option but I thought I'd let you know since it's all your fault that I started thinking about email alerts, why not. :)

    I like almost everything else google labs cooks up. But will use the feedburner tool for email alerts.


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