Monday, June 04, 2007

Team Blogs On Parade

Shit, where am I? I get confused. It got confusing a week or two ago when I added some friends to a Team Blog so that I could have one to test. And to get a Google Groups account so that I could test that. I've accomplished some of that. It ain't good enough to share the url with you yet, but who knows? Then almost immediately I chose to accept membership in someone else's newly formed Team Blog. Now when I type a post or send a message, I frequently don't know where I am, goddammit! I think I already gave away the Secret Handshake a time or two. Oh, well, Shit Happens. The site owned by Tiphanie is The Sharpie Chronicles. It's good to go, but don't look at it too hard, it's new. Now open your Xmas present and don't complain!

1 comment:

  1. Hip hip hooray! Well, for the Team Blog, not for the confusion.


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