Friday, June 08, 2007

Harm To Hilton?

I don't know if harm would come to Paris Hilton in a California jail. Maybe so, maybe not. But I'd have to wonder if harm would come to Paris Hilton if she

1. got out of her car at a service station and hung out with the guys.
2. went to a movie theater at 6 o clock Friday night.
3. tried to use her charge card at a greasy burger joint.
4. tried to walk 3 or 4 dogs around the block without an assistant.
5. bent over to fix her sandals in front of a group of Boy Scouts.
6. tried that crybaby stuff in a regular beauty shop.
7. sent her hamburger back more than once in a busy diner.
8. insisted she was "good for it" at a Good Will store.
9. had to shop for groceries.
10. shaved her head and was mistaken for a Britney Spears imposter.

Anyone else want to add to this or make their own list, you're welcome to it. Who could possibly give a shit?


  1. I wonder if any harm would come to her if she actually had to do some honest to goodness physical labor? And I don't mean driving herself to a party eithe.

  2. Without a TV crew recording it, you mean?

  3. Et tu, Ron? Can't I go anywhere without reading about Paris Hilton?

    Okay, I'll admit it. I posted about her too.

  4. She didn't use the restroom and get blood on her hands I hope. Sittin' there with the door cracked a bit.

    Inside joke to the rest of the world.

  5. I wonder if you spilled water on her, would she melt and scream


    Until she became a pile of greenish icky goobery stuff?

    One could only hope.

    Paris is about the most worthless human being on the planet.

    I'm an Angelina Jolie fan me self.

  6. I have little dobt the bubbly goo would sport a rusty metal button that says "Goldwater".


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