Monday, June 04, 2007

Heart Attack, But Not Me

Found out the other day that my cousin's heart operation took place without me even knowing about it was going to be! I knew he'd had some symptoms and was going to a specialist in Houston, but I didn't learn about the surgery until J.W.'s wife P. was driving him home from Houston ( 2.5 hrs). I knew he had an appointment with the specialist in Houston, but I didn't know they decided it couldn't wait because it was 95% blocked! Now the operation was so successful that the news is now as good as it was bad at first! He's my favorite cousin (really the only one I have any traffic with) and I feel like a dirty damn dog that I didn't made some effect to call him over the last several days. If I had, I wouldn't have known why he wasn't home, but I could have called and harassed his other relatives. I called him and he didn't care about me being a dog, though; he was alive, even if he's not allowed to play golf! He had bypass surgery 30 years ago (he's my age, so that procedure sure did last him a long time). Maybe this will last the same, long enough to live out his life. It might be close, though, since his mother and mine are both burning up the roads to 90. He may live that long himself! That is too weird to imagine about oneself or one's close friends or kin. But this (almost 60) used to be unimaginable too. It's all too weird. It could make me ill.


  1. Good news...maybe for us as well.

    There's hope you can go to the brink and then come back again...maybe even for 30 more years!

    Hmmm, not sure I want to be 90.

  2. Yes, it's amazing. I'm impressed.

  3. I agree it is weird to be the age we are now. (I'm 58). It's like being a teenager only going the wrong way. It struck me only recently just how short life is.

    I'm glad your cousin is doing well.

  4. As somebody who is zooming though her fifties I can relate to this. I wanted to live until I was a hundred. Now, I realise I'll be a total wreck by then!

  5. Jeez, Dawn, was that encouragement or what? Well, it was funny, though, so what can I say?

  6. Hello!
    I followed the link from your very informative reply to my question about deleting my journal.

    How scary that someone else has ALL that private info, but I thank you for your answering.
    I never got it via email perhaps because I didn't join the group, so I had to search through the questions to find it.
    Yes, I'm old & I'm not being rude when I say it's nice to see someone my age around here. haha!

    I'm glad your cousin is alright!:-)

    Have a nice evening!

  7. Yes, you probably signed up for the email when you barely knew what you were doing. You wouldn't be the first on Blogger; it got me feeling stupid, too, when I started.

  8. Great news about the success of his surgery!

  9. Even better news that it wasn't me!


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