Monday, June 04, 2007

Oodles of Sweetness!

For all of you who like to think there's a lot of unconscious sweetness in the world, I admit there are some times you are right. Let's Be Friends offers some proof of that. Be careful about your glucose levels!


  1. There's just not enough cuteness in the world, Ratty.

    I'll bet you're really cute when you're cuddled up to your pet rattlesnake.

    Say CHEESE and I'll take your picture. You like cheese, don't you? I thought so.

  2. Yeah, but I'm a pervert about it. I just bought pimento cheese and velveeta cheese yesterday.

    Don't like snakes of any kind. I sleep with a tarantula! (Actually, neither one us sleeps, we just nod off now and again!)

  3. I'm not going to be sweet much longer if I don't get my blog back - damnit!

  4. Get out !! You have a tarantula !

    Funny about men. 99% of them don't like snakes. I would rather be covered in snakes (not deadly ones) than have one tarantula in bed with me.

    How can you make "liking cheese" into a perversion? You're an odd duck but interesting. :)

  5. Mushy would wrestle a boa to get his blogs back! Maybe he should take up with a tarantula and smooth out?

    Babzy, it is perverted, to some cheese lovers. Velveeta is considered an abomination in many households. I probabl should quit eating the salty damn stuff. And I neve can figure out what's in the pimento, so I figure it's something perverted!


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