Tuesday, June 26, 2007


WHY is Paris Hilton out of jail early again? Did she fuck everyone in her local legal system or did her lawyers just pay everybody off?

This is too much time to waste on one of the least important persons in the world, but we do it, anyway. You can never punish rich people, I guess, because you always have to go through a system that is controlled by the authorities that toady to rich people.

We gave justice to Charles Manson, because he was poor! If Paris Hilton ever rehabilitates herself for real, pigs will fly, and the likelihood of that is very low.


  1. Michael Moore was on The Daily Show tonight. He said he was supposed to be on Larry King for an hour but he got bumped for Paris. Because we all care more about what Paris is wearing than whether or not we can afford to get our fingers sewed back on after we saw them off. Or something like that.

  2. Gotta say ... I am tired of hearing about her in the news. She seems to be pretty worthless.

    If I were an heiress to that kind of fortune and business I know I would be working my ass off to ensure it's still there for my children and their cnildren.

  3. Paris with children? That's too much of a nightmare, my dear!


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