Friday, June 29, 2007

Slinky Marlene

It's been a dead-duck day in the email box. Somebody could send me a cool note about Marlene Dietrich's glamorous 70 year old breasts in 1972 and lift me up. I could use a lift, couldn't you? Of course, Marlene lived to 90, but had the good sense to cease her career a little later in her seventies. After this, she was a recluse, except for interviews and phone calls. It was said she'd spend $3000 a month on phone calls. That IS fucking weird!


  1. That there would be people left to call is weird!

  2. No, it's not. Remember how many men she had slept with. I imagine ageing actors and politicians were glad to hear from her again without having to confront her wrinkles (long held at bay by mini-surgeries). I remember seeing her on her TV special and she motivated my mojo even then! Of course, there's a lot of makeup tricks and smoke and mirrors going on, but it worked!


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