Monday, April 02, 2007

You know, I have no intention of doing anything different. I'm going to blog as usual (or not), and carry the same links to my perverse choice of "Intelligent" or whatever Blogs, and mention other things at random just as it pleases me. I have recently tried going the Adsense route, but I get one ad and no recognition of me when I try to login, so now I feel like a Blogger newbie, fucked in the ass by a major corporation who doesn't even have the apparent sense to enjoy my distress. But all this aside (it's unimportant whether I get rich), I just wonder sometimes if (oh hell, I know they don't!) anyone has ever read any one of the blogs I list in the sidebar? Now all of you that are on that list, maybe YOU have done so. Once, probably. But I still wonder if the passersby have shown any interest. I don't think they do. And if they have, they're probably on those sites for the same 20 seconds that they're on my blog! I get so pissed, I'd beat somebody up, but the only people who are close enough to berate or kick are my few friends in the world (the whole world!) and I better not beat on them! I can't afford the losses!

Goddess was mad at God recently in a comic rant, but then she apologized to him and that was that! Everything okay! I guess... I wish it was that easy when I get crazy. I find it doesn't work. But I'll never change. I'm a lunatic in high priapic fulmination! What else is there, after all? Sorry if you're confused, but I'm not your Daddy!


  1. Hey, I *have* to forgive Him. He's God! He can f me up BUT GOOD if I don't;)

  2. Having a little tantrum are we, Ron? The Moon has been full of late, it takes some of us that way!

    Thanks for linking to me, it's kind of you. I suspect most of your readers will not relate to my ramblings, but it's the thought that counts.

    I tried to get myself included in Ageless Project a while ago but they rejected me (sniffle sniffle - I must appear offensive to their delicate readers!) So to be added to a non-astro type blog is an honour!

  3. Oh, you're just a nice girl, so quit your sniffling! Not you Goddess; God knows you're not nice! (It's your nasty qualities we admire you for, after all!)

    Of course, if either of you came around, I'd like to lick your #^%&@#$! Oops. Between tantrums, fits of pique, and erections, this is a busy place sometimes! La di dah...

  4. Don't worry about your "style"! Hell, I'd bet that out of TEN "regular-bloggers", at least EIGHT of them came to YOU, not the other way around! If they don't like what they see, they can check-out the other ten-million-plus(?)blogs on the way out!

    (Man, that DOES feel GOOD, don't it?)


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