Saturday, April 14, 2007

Pamela Quigby Josey

Pamela Quigby Josey was a rose in disguise,
The fact being that she was pretty,
But really rather boring and colorless,
And she had no tact.
All her life in youth she prospered
With hardly an effort ever made,
But now she’s all grown up
And getting rather sad,
Not doing too well
Out of the beauty pageants,
Out of the path of least resistance,
Out on the highway where everyone goes
And everyone falls when they fail.

3nd draft: 04/15/07
©2007 Ronald C. Southern


  1. Nice to believe justice comes around in the end..

  2. Seems like that more when we're young and guessing about life. Then we get older and realize that things like that are just death waiting.


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