Monday, April 23, 2007

The Address Of The Bastards

The dirty bastards are all around us, and now they'll be breeding (or harvesting?) a new crop. It is better to write, just write. Don't sell your ass, don't sell those ads, just entertain yourself and your covey of witless friends and forget about prospering more and more. Accept what you've got, when you can. Make friends with a dog. Entertain him. Let the dog entertain you. If he bites you, give him the address of the bastards!


  1. I love those thoughts (and that pic) and couldn't agree more, Ron.
    Non illegitimi carborundum !

    Yours sincerely
    A Witless One.

  2. Mushy: arf, arf!

    twilight: Woof, woof!

  3. Stay until you're no longer wanted or needed, fella! Some sage advice that was once given to me, by a friend...


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