Friday, April 06, 2007

Pandora's Box--Is that Sexy Or What?

I was telling Mushy about this, but giving it short shrift--not much detail! I can't give that much detail about music, because you mainly need to listen. These are "radio" stations of my naming and then Pandora tries to match those qualities. If they select clunkers, you can reject them entirely or move them to one of the other stations! You can even tell them that you're tired of a song and not to play it for an extended time. I felt that way about "Tom Dooley" back in my youth, whenever that was. Not that the folk song was no good, it was just too popular! Aside from the radio, my sister had the 45 rpm record and we played it TOO MUCH. I keep a window open for Pandora and listen while I surf other sites. The only problem is that if it senses no one is making selections or otherwise being present, it will stop and apologize for thinking you are no longer listening! That's weird, but I guess it's fair. It's doesn't want you to use them for background music if you're not even THERE!

Oh! Among the things cut off on the screenshot is the first station, Ray Charles! No one should leave out Ray Charles unless you're from another planet, and I ain't and I didn't!


  1. Good information Ron...I'll check it out.

    I use Sirius as my background noise usually. My truck had satellite radio in it when I got it, so when I bought the subscription I also got a free pass into the Internet site. It sounds good too.

    I also download a lot from LimeWire, so I have hundreds I could play endless tunes via Real Player from that database.

    I guess you can say, I'm deep into music, always have been, and hope I always am.

    Me, the blues, and rock'n roll have been through a lot together.

  2. I've used Pandora ever since you first mentioned it about a year ago I believe on this BLOG. I love it. Hit MISERY SIGNAL RADIO on my blog links to listen to some of my choices. :)

  3. Misery Signal? Nobius, that sounds weird! Oh, well, so are you!


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