Monday, April 09, 2007

Imus Shit

It almost seems a waste of breath to mention what Don Imus said about the black women basketball players the other day. So I won't. But I said this when Goddess brought it up on Blonde Intuition and I'll repeat my comment, just to make sure I've wiped that scummy shit off my shoes!

"Imus, like Howard Stern, is just an asshole who has made fools of celebrities and politicians in America and seems to have general credibility when their real base of popularity is only with the adolescents who write on the bathroom walls. If anyone in America had any guts, had any balls, had any wits, they'd fire Imus. But I'm not holding my breath because America is the same fucking asshole he is. They should all commit suicide, but I don't expect it'll happen."


  1. Again, I agree with you Ron.

    The Rutgers team was a seasoned basketball team and played rough, which made the Lady VOLS win all the more sweet!

  2. Ron, it's a good thing our own FCC gives Imus and the like a pat on the back for misogynous comments. The FCC LOVES the words B**** and W****. They made it legal years ago and wouldn't you know, men are saying it all over the air now.

    Thanks for speaking up on this. Ugh, FCC.

  3. I imagine some people would think me rather a vulgar fellow to object to Imus and his ilk. But I'm just an honest cusser and screamer about injustice. I don't make fun of, demean, or vilify people on the public airwaves or in the public streets. My blog is public, so to speak, but it comes with a fair warning!


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