Tuesday, June 27, 2006

It's My World

I haven't written many stupid damn posts lately. Of course I haven't written many intelligent ones, either. And no lengthy ones at all. I guess I'm just about to run out of gas!

What little brain power I have seems to be going elsewhere lately. My cousin thinks it's drivelling out in tiny squiggles in my various contacts with the Blogger Help Group. Also, in my connections to other people's Web Cams or the yammering (typing) I do on other chat lines! It's all true, I guess. I talk too much, I chat too much, I email too much, I flirt too much, I get mad as hell too much (although not much!). That's just my nature. Never thought of me as being natural? Well, yeah, if I'm allowed to fudge a little! Isn't that permissible here in this peculiar corner of the universe? I SAY IT IS, DAMMIT! You know? It's my world, even if it's stupid.

I might get to work on that. But I won't work very hard!

p.s. I don't really wear that shirt all the time! It's just coincidence!

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