Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Site Meter says I've now exceeded 18,000 hits. Big deal. If it was 18,000 people in some short length of time, I'd be impressed with myself. But probably, it's the same 50 to a hundred reliable Internet buddies who have just kept coming back over the past 3 years! That's nice, yes, but it minimizes the impact of the 18,000 hits, I'd say! I used to look at people's numbers. Sometimes I've been jealous of other people. There's Theresa, with her greater than 103,000 hits! She (and others) slap the dogshit out of me. Also, the cat shit, the monkey shit, and all the shit that can be found in a hundred thousand overhead birds! I've been knocked in the dirt! You know how. Damn. If some of you want to raise your hits and smacks and swacks, ask ANYBODY but me! I'm not the guy!

I probably shouldn't keep that Site Meter public. I think I keep it there as a sort of humility. Or should I say humiliation? Naa, I don't take it that seriously any more! Learn to be superior even when you don't have much of anything going for you--I have! I'm about as snotty as they come.

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