Friday, April 16, 2004


I’ve had some nice fat careful entries the past couple of days, so I wouldn’t feel guilty if I coasted a little today. This one may be a little sloppy, not rewritten as much. Maybe not even spell-checked to the Nth degree.

Besides, I perpetually wonder if I know what I’m doing. Though there are many kinds of bloggers, I always seem to fail to fit any of the general categories that I recognize. I mean, I might be doing this daily, yet it’s not exactly a journal of anything I do EACH day and not often a record of anything I’ve done THIS day. I have at least not yet tried to write a literary blog or a political blog. From the latter I am dissuaded because of the number of them I’ve seen. They are legion. There are all kinds, and some of them are good. There is no gap that I want to fill; I don’t feel like my political thoughts are not being expressed. The fact that I don’t recommend any of the political blogs doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t, if push came to shove, but politics is already about push and shove enough without me adding to it.

I think it’s a great shame and misery that the country is split so nearly down the middle, as much so now as when the previous presidential election was held. Some deny that Bush ought to even BE president and have heaps of explanation, some of it good, some of it hateful, to justify their view. But I think, without trying to be very political just now, it’s just that we’re split too much down the middle. Why it’s split, I don’t think I have any clue. I think we may need a better solution to it than the two-party system, though.

Added to this is the new Hatefulness, as much too popular among leaders as vulgarity and uncouthness has become among all those states of celebrityhood—you know, Hollywood and Follywood and Golly-willy-wood-you-lookit-that! Talk radio is Squawk Radio, whether it’s from the left or the right. The TV talk shows were invented to entertain and sell soap, though I find that they put sheep to sleep. I’ve been alive too long to be suckered by all the straw men these nitwits (from the Extreme left, right, and Shangri-La) keep setting up so that they can knock them down. Afterwards, they preen and expect to be accounted political geniuses, each with the same exact number of commercials and the same exact sponsors per show.

I’m pretty much a big fat liberal, but it’s not the republicans or the conservatives that I hate so much as that there just isn’t enough difference between them and the democrats.

The republicans talk loudly and aggressively, but they never actually save the republic. They just try to improve the environment for business. And the democrats, not even that Prince Charming and darling of the blithe, Bill Clinton, managed to pass any legislation to bring universal health insurance or daycare to all the children. They all blame one another for their failures. I blame them both. No, I’m not Joan of Arc, but I blame them both. And when God blames them both, he is no doubt including me in the nest of thieves and bozos.

Many schools are falling apart, built by contractors and executives who cut costs with substandard materials and who dodged bullets and eluded honest paperwork and ultimately got away with it because neither republicans nor democrats wanted to be too “tough on business”. I don’t even have any children and yet I perceive an enormous flaw. Don’t listen to what anyone Says, just watch what they Do, and we’ll see that this is a country that loves its full pockets and its fat bellies, its big gulping servings of French fries and its priced-like-gold stupid Starbuck coffees far more than it does its children. A society that doesn’t care for its children doesn’t care for anything.

I don’t think I care any more what anybody says about anything, all of them are lying, wheedling, making excuses, and getting just as goddamn pig-rich as they can while the getting is good. Children are subjected to the same cost/benefit analysis in corporation and government offices that any other product or service goes through. Men in charge don’t believe for a minute that children are invaluable. Nothing is worth more than gold. A patriarch is a terrible creature who is only looking at the statistics and not the real damages, not the people. Politicians are patriarchs who only deal with their own children and who otherwise just do favors for road and building contractors, for construction and building supply companies, and for every shiftless skunk who ever skimmed a little off the budget for a school building or public museum or post office building. Dope dealers get the headlines in this country as evildoers, but they’re only a small percentage of the rich people in America who steal from children’s milk funds and children’s college funds and who grinningly evade supporting the infrastructure.

Okay, so I’m raving. I wonder if this is proof that the two-party system just can’t work any more? If so, we the people are not accepting that fact yet. The leaders of both parties are so greedy and so self-absorbed that they’ll fight in tandem ANYBODY who might hint at a third party candidate.

Third party guys, why, they’re spoilers! They ain’t dang Americans. They’ll ruin things.

Well, they might ruin your party, it’s true, Mr. Hogs at the public trough. I don’t think I care if that clever old irritant Ralph Nader ruins the fun of such pigs or influences the vote Either Way. That’s what he’s supposed to do. That’s how democracy is supposed to work. If Bush gets elected again, so what? Half the country already doesn’t accept it that he’s legitimate now. All he can do is Ruin The Country, and that’s been done a number of times before. Ask either party. What I want, dammit, is for republicans and democrats alike to stop unduly protecting rich corporations and to stop being opposed to Democracy. That’s what I want, and that makes me as big a fool as there is.

(Damn, I’ve done a political blog. I swore I wouldn’t do it, I promised I wouldn’t do it, I was sure I wouldn’t do it... Damn, grum, grumble, grumby, greeby, HELL! Now I’ve probably made somebody mad. Oh, gosh. But then again, the churl was probably already mad and crazy both if he or she’s that interested in politics!)

©2003 Ronald C. Southern

I feel a little Death now and then,
Though there may be other names for it.
I feel it passing by
Or settling slowly in--

Like crowds of softish insects blackish green and thin
That burrow beneath the skin
Or a mass of curling corrugated grubs so swollen they'll soon be
Ripped by sharp-beaked birds from these encrusted roots…


Coming Attraction (Some Day My Prince Will Come): GOOD REASONS FOR BAD DRIVERS

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: "Pain passes, but beauty remains." -- Pierre Auguste Renoir (1841-1919) Semi-paralyzed by arthritis, he continued painting until his death at 78.

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