Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Guide Dog Training Makes A Good Blog

There is a terrifically interesting blog called Blindfold Blog that I discovered by accident. The Blogger Home Page was recommending it, but it’s an accident when I check those out, for they have recommended some things just too entirely respectable for me in the past. This blog is respectable, too, though that’s nothing against it.

The part of Blindfold Blog I’ve been reading is days #1-9 of the 10 blindfolded days that a trainer for guide dogs for the blind has to go through. This is a part of how they qualify as a dog trainer, blindfolded and being led by and living with a trained dog the whole time. It is more interesting than I would have thought. I haven’t read the part where the blogger started out writing 29 days before the blindfold part even started, though I intend to go back and read it. Tomorrow--no, today!--is day #10, the day she gets the use of her eyes back. Off with the blindfold!

I am curious about that, but even more so what will happen when she’s done her 10 days and whatever else it takes to be a graduated trainer. Will the blog continue? I hope so. If not, her blog was good while it lasted.

I recommend that you read some of it fast before it disappears if you like wonderful things from out of the blue. It’s another one of those sites without Comments or an email address, so we can’t tell her, “Good job, girl!” or “Attaboy!” or “Thank you, Masked Man!” I just hate that. But, sit happens. Something like that.

Sit, boy, sit! Good boy!

There, you see, I did it; my blog was short today and I didn’t say shit once.


There was a time in my life when everyone I knew probably needed to “straighten up and fly right”. Now it’s mostly come down to me. Maybe one other from the old group, that’s about it. But mostly me, I think, and I’m not planning any changes. This is not a brag, but a confession.


His kisses were sweet and full of love,
Hers were sweet with fire;
Between the two, I knew myself
In love with love and fire.

Current draft: 02/08/03

Let’s not get too cocky, but it’s pretty much a fact, that sorry old Coming Attraction is coming Tomorrow… “The 17 Best-Known Root Causes of Bad Driving“

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: "Every kiss is the conquest of a repulsion." -- Lawrence Durrell

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