Sunday, April 18, 2004

Gone Fishing

How do you like my table for the blog title? I try not to go decoration-crazy, but it’s hard to stop tweaking and adjusting. One should try not to get too grandiose, but one is seldom a good judge of oneself.

I’m taking the day off. On vacation. Pretending it’s Sunday. (Oh, it is?) Cloud-gazing. Daydreaming. Woolgathering. Squashing a few of the remaining caterpillars. They are mostly gone now, but not quite.

The sneaky baby cardinals in the front yard flew off before I ever got to see them very well. I had no idea they had developed enough to fly away, but they were squashed down in the nest like a mushy little carpet of feathers all the times that I caught a glimpse of them, so I can claim to be no judge. I HOPE they flew away; otherwise, the four of them made a tasty morsel for some predator. But I would have liked to see them try their wings.

Maybe that’s what I’ll do; I’ll go outside and see if I can spot some cardinals who look like they’re new to the business of being cardinals.

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