Thursday, January 14, 2010

World's Best Fun

Daily Blogs are a Bog

I suppose I've been "quiet" in some parts of my life lately. Most people are not going to miss me, and that's good because I don't need the grief, anyway. Old friends are just an email away, but they were slouches about writing, anyway, so they'll probably not even notice anything. My "live" friends don't notice my silence because they'd first have to shut the fuck up before there would be adequate silence for them to notice anything! I'll tell you, it sometimes just feels wonderful if you can pull back from things. I have been feeling good about my exodus from the Blogger advice blog. It now feels even better that I have been able to once again immerse myself in writing and revising poetry. THIS is what I was born to do. Even if I say so only because it's such fun and not always the world's best poetry. It's still the world's best fun, for me at least! And some of the poems ain't so bad, either!


  1. And some of the poems ain't so bad, either
    You can say that again!
    It's good that you know what you were born to do, Ron... even better that you are doing it with such aplomb. :-)

  2. You always know the nice things to say!


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