Monday, January 11, 2010

Thank You Note For G. Knaak

It's words like yours that make me feel
Like I do have some remnant of dignity,
Even if in arrears, even if just a semblance.
How much of my experience and resemblance
Gives me the appearance of heading the right way,
But my sensation is that I’m thinking
At a high rate of speed in reverse.
I’m thinking about all the wrong things that often
Leave me like any drunken pirate or primate—
Hearing ladies or music that’s not really there,
Writing Shakespeare’s sonnets and plays,
And toddling on gladly straight to hell.

Created on 12/31/2009 1:41 PM


  1. Oooh! I've been mssing lots haven't I? Been a tad distracted by one thing and another.

    My clear favourite from this new batch, Ron is "Sea Squall" - I love it! I admire all of your poems, no doubt about that, but so many tend to be morose and add to my feelings of wintry depression. I think I understand why you write in that vein though.

    Congrats on a bunch of superbly crafted words and feelings (even if they are morose, they are still superb).

  2. That's what I keep trying to convince others of, but most find it hard to overlook the morose part and thus fail to ever be uplifted by the "superb" part! You, however, are obviously smarter than the average junkyard poetry reader!


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