Saturday, January 16, 2010

2100 Carrots?!

I think it's interesting how many of the "Next Blogs" are new and how many of the new bloggers are afraid to begin(or at least reticent about it). I've now posted nearly 2100 posts here and hardly any trees or pets have been sacrificed.

Ugh, that's a strange thought. What if the price of blog publication WAS a sacrifice? You'd have to go out and kill an animal (other than an insect) every time you had a new blog post ready? It might work out for a long time--after all, we do have a surfeit of pets on this planet. But I suspect that over 90% of us would lie and claim that we only killed fish! Even fish don't care about fish, that's how they always seem to me. Everything in the ocean wants to eat everything else, as far as I can tell. And they do it, too, any time the opportunity presents itself. No, wait, there are some vegetarians swimming around out there. Some of the whales, I think. I don't mind if they do or don't, though. Who in his right mind could dislike a whale? I could more easily get pissed off at a carrot or a potato. I don't even like the way that those creepy carrots look at me! Killing carrots might be kind of a kick, you know?


  1. Never kill a carrot - you might go blind. Did your ma never tell you that they are very good for eyesight? So killing 'em could be a bad move. If you insist on this course of action I must start a campaign: "Save the Carrots"

  2. I was never told to kill the carrots, just to eat them! But it's hard to do one without the other! You can't eat your carrots and have them to tea, too.


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