Sunday, January 03, 2010

Keep At The Task

I've been working on some revisions lately of poems that previously appeared in this blog. This one is probably the least changed, but I still think it's a notable improvement.

It used to be the unmade bed or unhung clothes signified
Something, perhaps that I didn't much care
How things looked or how they were,
But now it's more that I do not have the strength
To keep at the task, to keep it up,
To clean it out or clear it away.

In my youth, good fellows like Bill or George might
Volunteer to rehang a door or mend a fence for a friend,
Or dig a needed ditch, or cook a deer or pig for the feast,
But that was seldom me. I just smoked and watched—
Because I was no-account, I suppose,
Not because I was so watchful.

I think I liked it better when I was just lazy or shiftless
Than now when I’m willing but
Can’t raise my arms high or bend my knees low
Or keep my feet moving fast and long enough
To defend myself or you against these greater
Outer-world diseases and despotic politicians.

Original: o4/23/2009
Current draft created on 12/25/2009 3:37 PM

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  1. too late to be willing when all it is is will.


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