Saturday, January 30, 2010

Animal Kingdom

He was as crazy as a rat,
And he mistook the feeling for love
As if the couplings of nature's beasts only—not ours—
Are set by heedless instinct. How exactly
These mental diagrams, these animal confusions
That foster our embraces in the cortex of desire,
Have made the world of difference that we imagine
Is never very clear to others.


Current draft: 03/08/03
©2003 Ronald C. Southern

1 comment:


    reasons for writing the poem, "Animal Kingdom"

    I suppose it's a "chicken or the egg" dilemma. Something tricky like that. Besides, I think
    it's funny.

    As I recall, I wrote it because I just got snarlish about so many people always crediting
    sweet considerate love not to mention their own better natures, when the only thing that
    ever explained (to me) their particular attractions to one another was that they were in
    rut and nobody stopped them!

    It was a way to say something impolite, not only about society in general, but about some of the pinheads "suffering from Love" that I knew at the time!


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