Friday, March 06, 2009

Speaking To A Newbie About Blogger Support

Don't take it seriously. I took that tone (in Blogger Help Group) because so many who have done it in the past (written multiple copies of a single post, filling every category) turned out to be monsters of ego who always felt personally slighted by the lack of help. There are still some, I imagine. Others, like me, have grown weary of the Newbies who have great outrage at Blogger's lack of support. I've watched Blogger be outrageous and blog owners be furious (about being left dangling) for over five years and both are tiring. Maybe I should go be a farmer. If you're sorry about anything, you would sound like a human, not a monster of Ego, and that's a good thing. Sorry I can't give you pertinent info this time; not everything about Blogger is known to all. If it were, you'd know it already!

If there were any way to write the book that I can't write, I could unquestionably fill a book with all the Blogger topics that I don't know much about!

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