Monday, March 23, 2009

The Rat Quits

Well, probably not! The Rat does other things, too, but even though I revel in bad language, I do not plan to spend much time here today howling at the moon or talking about gross bodily functions, goddammit!!! 'Snot gonna happen, see?! Some of you couldn't stand it any better than I can...

Some day we'll blow up all these snivelling little blogs--no matter how big they've gotten! Meanwhile, the trudge and shuffle of vowel movement is still forward marching!


  1. I always wonder if I should back up my blog - keep copies of posts in case Google decides to shut it down. But what would be the point?

  2. The new Export/Import feature works well and pretty effortlessly, so you could back it up to another blog without breaking your back. You'd just "export" the files in your "A" blog to a location on your own computer where it'd be an "xml" file. Later, open the new or other "B" blog and "import" from the "xml" files. Your original files on "A" stay safe while you mess around trying to figure out the procedure.

  3. Thanks for the tip, Ron. I'm saving the instructions for when I have time to mess around with it. I'd be sick if the whole thing disappeared for some reason.

  4. There are some instructions via one of my MFBQ posts about that, too. You really should do it as soon as you can feel comfortable trying it out--I've never felt so smug about my stupid posts being backed up because I found my previous (different) backup to be cumbersome. Bookmark this one:


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