Saturday, March 07, 2009

Blogger's New Follower Gadget Sucks

One reason I have to despise the goddamn stupid Followers Gadget that Blogger has introduced is that I discovered it reveals information about me that I thought was clearly "hidden". They give everyone a chance to pick and choose which of our blogs will be shown or hidden when others view our Profile. I would get moralistic and ask how Blogger could be so immoral, but I know it's not that--it's Blogger's USUAL GODDAMN INCOMPETENCE! This isn't the first time that I've discovered some of my "private" or "test" blogs set to "show" on my Profile List when I previously marked them NOT to show, so it's just something that big blundering Blogger does all the damn time, it's nothing new. Your Followers Gadget, like everything else in Blogger, is attached to land mines and hand grenades, no matter how small. I think I may start naming all those test blogs with offensive titles like "Blogger Eats Donkey Turds" and other insults.

How come they have all that success, all that money, and yet Google/Blogger remains forever JUST PLAIN SHIT STUPID about their various new features?! Some of those features are just spectacular feces!

Oh, well, I only have one follower over here, so there's not much disappointment if I junk the Follower gadget. Even at MFBQ, there's only 7 followers. I'll have to be inconsistent and maybe post this text over there or else those seven will never know why I think that damn gadget is a heap of crap. I expect to turn the Followers gadget off very soon.

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