Friday, March 13, 2009

It's Baaack!

I used to have a Google Group for this blog, but I looked around one day recently and could only half-recall how or why or even when I'd gotten mad and killed it. I thought of the dozens of times I recommended a Google Group to others (on Blogger Help Group) and wondered why I'd not taken my own advice. Oh, well, I'm the kind of fellow who might get mad at a pencil for a minute and end up destroying all the writing instruments on the planet for all Eternity! Sometimes I just do weird shit, especially if it involves my temper.

Now I'm not mad at Google Groups any more, but I am mad at that miserable snot, the "Followers" gadget! So, to my 2 or 3 friends and my 3 or 4 admirers, I now recommend the Google Group. Sign up to receive emails of my posts (full or partial) or go there and get your own.

Instructions can be viewed at my other blog!

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